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Grand Cookie Gift Box

Grand Cookie Gift Box

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Our Grand Cookie Gift Box is for anyone who is looking for a cookie gift box that will impress everyone for any special occasion. Our largest cookie gift box includes 9 variety of cookies presented in an exclusive Kelley's Kookies box. The Grand Cookie Box includes:

- Chocolate Chip Krispy Oatmeal
- Chocolate Dipped Macadamia Shortbread
- Lemon Shortbread
- Macadamia Chocolate Chip
- Macadamia Ice Box
- Melting Moments
- Pecan Shortbread
- Raspberry Dreams
- Sugar Cookies

Our Grand Cookie Gift Basket guarantees to make a lasting impression!

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2 Customer Reviews

Marylyn Parel
Culver City, CA
December 12, 2017
Purchased Online
There are a lot of cookies to choose from Kelley's Kookies. You could tell they give a lot of thought into the selection of cookies they offer. We purchased the Grand Box to send to our client who simply loved the offerings and raved about how scrumptious they were. I'm a fan of the Macadamia Chocolate Chip, it's perfection...
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Howard Yoshioka
Pleasanton, California
October 6, 2015
Purchased Online
Your tastebuds will never be happier!
These are the best tasting cookies ever! I've been buying them for years and can personally attest to their waist expansion capabilities! Everyone here at work loves them and they constantly ask me to bring them in. Trust me, the cookie baking gods are here at Kelly's!
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